PRIDE Art Display

Celebrating 10 Years of Pride

To celebrate the 10th year of Pride in Lethbridge, Lethbridge Pride Fest Society & Trap Door Artist Run Centre commissioned a one-of-a-kind art piece. Combining the sixcolours of the rainbow ag with the word PRIDE and a heart, the Society enlisted thetalents of six local artists to create an artwork that expresses what it means to be a member of the LBGTQ+ community.

The PRIDE Art Display will be set up at many ofthe events taking place throughout June, so make sure to get a photo with it. And don’tforget to share your photos using the hashtag #lethbridgepridefest

Logo - Trapdoor

The Heart

Tasha Silver

Tasha is a 20 year old queer artist. They are gender queer, gay and asexual. They have been crocheting for three and a half years. They use there art, especially crochet, as a form of activism. Some of their well known pieces include trans and angry uteri, also crocheted breasts for drag queens. They choose crochet as their medium for this project because of the long history textiles have had in the queer community as a form of self expression, breaking of gender norms and such projects as the aids memorial blanket.

The Letter P

Barbara Geiger

Orange on the pride flag represents healing, something the many people in the community struggles with today. It makes my heart swell with pride to see GSAs cropping up everywhere. Even my small, northern Alberta town has one now. Don’t get me wrong, there are still many battles to be fought, especially when it comes to the rights of trans people, but Pride is a time where we come together and show by us still standing that we’re alive. We’re healing. We’re here.

I was proud to have the healing colour of orange, and all the shades between. From darkest brown to all but yellow, orange is a colour that is beautiful in any shade. My P is an explosion of those colours, from the random background which uses parts of my own writing in the design to the structured hexagons.

Hexagons are nature’s perfect shape. If you want to cover the most amount of space with the least amount of materials, you would put them out in a hexagon. From cooled lava formations to the honeycomb to a perpetual cloud over Saturn’s north pole, you see the perfect shape.
Here you go!

Barbara Geiger is a Lethbridge artist. She loves working with colour and shape and form. She enjoys working in any media with a strong pigment load despite her lifelong desire to still wear black even on the sunniest of days. When she’s not splashing paint on what she is trying to paint, herself and her cat, she is writing gay speculative fiction.

The Letter R

Marshal Garlock

Marshal Garlock – Artist Bio
I am a gay man who was born and raised in southern Alberta.  Overall, my art isn’t consistent with any given theme, but most recently my work explores what it means to live in the present.  My work often looks critically at emotion, space, architecture, and the corporal confines of humanity.  Pareidolia – the psychological phenomenon in which the mind finds familiar imagery in the unfamiliar, like archers in the stars – is important to most of my work. My work often deals with sexuality and is sometimes political.  However, I believe all of my work is relevant to all walks of life.  The most common element in my work is that it consists of expressions and explorations of the human condition.
Official Description of the Artwork

This piece has been an extension of my current artistic practice in which I explore the human condition using abstract cubist ideas and cartoonish lines in a graffiti style.  Pareidolia – the human ability to see shapes or make pictures out of randomness, like faces in the clouds – is critical to this work.  I want things to be ambiguous in the work so that the viewer asks themselves if something looks like something else or if they are reading too deeply into the piece.  I want to both evoke feeling and call into question the way images are portrayed.  I want people to have a multitude of valid ways to see the paint; I hope the metaphor isn’t lost.  Love is love is love.

The Letter I

Feder Volo – Serial-Colour Art & Design Studios

Inspired by Individuality, Inclusion and Community Support.
This installation is composed of 6 unique wooden interlocking components which have been individually fitted, reinforced, carved, engraved and hand painted to produce a pleasantly contrasting, yet energetic 3-dimensional composition.

Through the use of colour, gesture and silhouette the individual elements of the composition symbolize the love, courage, compassion, harmony and respect in the local community and beyond.

The individual components are interlocked together around the letter “I”, creating a steady and durable structure representing the strength and support around each individual.

An abstract depiction of the Lethbridge landmark High Level Bridge covers the Second Face of the structure as further testament to local endurance, fortitude and community strength.

This art piece was designed, assembled and illustrated by Feder V. – Lead-Artist at Alberta based Serial-Colour Art & Design studios.

The Letter D

Alejandro Alvarez

Alejandro was born in Cardston and lived in Lethbridge until he was eleven years old. He then moved to Small Town Saskatchewan. After high school he moved to Saskatoon. Soon afterwards he got into Graffiti and it opened his eyes to the Art world. At this time he adopted many monikers and aliases, finally setting on FK as he transitioned from working in the street to exhibiting his work in interior spaces. Alejandro attended the University of Saskatchewan and completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and then Education degree. He recently moved back to Lethbridge to pursue teaching opportunities.

Alejandro creates work with purpose and intention, using Art as a cathartic process as well as celebrating design. He currently defines Art as “a language of passion expressed without compromise.”

The Letter E

Becca Arjoon

Artwork Description: The Pride colour purple represents spirit. When I think about the spirit of Pride, my mind goes nowhere else but to the start. My entire piece is a dedication to the formation of the gay liberation movement – and mainly to Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P Johnson, who both had their place in founding the Gay Liberation Front and Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries.

I stayed mostly true to the newspaper images I collected, so one could see the determination in Marsha P’s eyes, and Sylvia’s proud stance. We must never forget the fight people had to endure in order to get us the freedom and celebrations we enjoy today. My hopes are that the energy of the founding LGBT movement will be felt by those who recognize the images I recreated. For those interested in researching the history of the gay liberation movement, I wish you a new sense of Pride.

Artist’s Bio: Born to a broken home, I found solace in art. Cartoons were my childhood favourite. Entering pubescence, I began to focus on detail-oriented visual arts, thanks to the encouragement and harshest criticisms of my high-school art teacher. She would feature mine and other classmates’ art in the local gallery.

My tumultuous entrance into adulthood further inspired me: from substance abuse to mental breakdowns, art became passion and therapy.
My style continues to evolve along with me; I am currently on a trend of images with sexuality or morbid undertones that definitely encourages self-psychoanalysis.

I have begun collaborating with fellow artists to run workshops. We plan to continue hosting affordable workshops to Lethbridge in the very near future.