Rally for Queer-Straight Alliances YQL


Apr 9th, 2019
5:30PM - 7:00PM


City of Lethbridge- City Hall
910 4th Avenue South
T1J 0P6

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The rally will be located on the sidewalk along Stafford Drive and 4th Avenue directly adjacent to City Hall. The rally will officially begin at 6pm with pre-rally gathering starting at 5:30pm. Please remember to make signs in support of GSAs, QSAs and the queer kids of YQL!


This event was created by a small group of like-minded individuals concerned about respecting the rights and protections of queer and trans kids in Alberta schools. As queer students and their allies come together to form GSAs (Gay-Straight Alliances) and QSAs (Queer-Straight Alliances) in their schools, their protection from being forcibly outed by school teachers and officials must be maintained.

Students rights to form such potentially life-saving peer support groups, should not be devalued by any organization in its pursuit to offer educational opportunities in the province of Alberta.

Many Albertans believe that in this election there are proposed reforms to GSA and QSA policies that could be very harmful to queer and trans kids. Kristopher Wells indicates: “This is an attack on LGBTQ rights in the province. It’s a move to undermine gay-straight alliances and has the ability to do real harm to LGBTQ students, who remain amongst one of the most vulnerable groups of students in our schools today.”

Central to our efforts is a belief that political engagement and civic duty matter now more than ever. Your vote can be used to protect queer and trans kids this election! Stand in solidarity with us as we protest any efforts to move Alberta backwards to a time when queer kids had less protections and fewer rights in Alberta schools. GSAs and QSAs save lives. Let’s send a strong message to queer and trans kids that we won’t let anyone take away their right to feel safe in their schools.